Southwest Metalsmiths, Inc. was founded by Bradford Mitchell Wines. He is the president and owner of the company. Southwest Metalsmiths celebrated its twenty year anniversary in 2004. Mr. Wines has been in the same business, with the same company name and ownership since the company's inception in 1984.

Brad started working for his father in 1972 in a metalwork brokering business. The business grew and his father, Mr. Richard Wines, bought a local company named Arizona Ornamental Iron Company. He specialized in metalwork fabrications for water treatment plants.

The move to architectural metalwork was Brad's idea and was based on his growing interest in that area. Southwest Metalsmiths, Inc. became reality in 1984. Brad began fabricating projects out of the garage in his home and by 1985 moved into a 900 square foot warehouse in central Phoenix.

Brad's father sold his company and went to work for Brad helping to estimate and sell work. The business continued to grow and they eventually consumed all of the usable space at their current location. During this time Mr. John Pepe, who was a tenant in the same building joined Southwest Metalsmiths, Inc. managing shop production.

In 1989 SMI rented a 16,000 square foot building in Tempe, Arizona. The business continued to grow and they outgrew this facility as well. In 1994 Brad bought their current facility a 34,000 square foot building with 25,000 square feet of warehouse and 9,000 square feet of offices.

The company has grown to more than fifty employees and sales exceeded $11,000,000.00 in 2004.

Southwest Metalsmiths opened a new office and shop in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2004. The new facility will allow Southwest Metalsmiths to respond more quickly to the fast pace of the Las Vegas construction market.

Some of the employees at Southwest Metalsmiths have worked here for more than fifteen years. Others have been here more than ten years and still more have been here more than five years. Brad's father, Mr. Richard Wines, retired in December of 2003 after working at SMI for 18 years. Brad continues to build on his vision for Southwest Metalsmiths future. He is supported by loyal employees dedicated to making Southwest Metalsmiths the best specialty metalwork company in America.